Environmentally friendly and highly effective products.

Not only do the enzymes in these products produce a superior result but they continue to work after application helping to clear drains of grease and fat and reduce blockages in the system.


Bio Sparkle

Bio Sparkle is a highly efficient concentrated washing up liquid. The combined use of renewable raw materials and powerful enzymes gives Bio Sparkle an increased cleaning performance. The deep cleaning effect of the enzymes not only helps maintain clean pipes after the sink but we believe is one of the most effective washing up liquids available. Due to the materials used Bio Sparkle is safe to the environment.



Bio GPC is one of the most effective biological general purpose cleaning products on the market for the eradication of odours and stains. Bio GPC does not just hide the problem but because Bio GPC digests the waste it removes the source of the problem. Bio GPC is a biological stain and odour remover, which is ideal for use on carpets, upholstery, fabrics, flooring and many other areas effected by dirt and foul smells. Helps keep nursing homes free of bad odours. Odours can be removed from sink outlets, baths, showers and kitchen waste units. Bio GPC is safe on most farics and surfaces but with it’s powerful micro-organisms produces a powerful cleaning action.


Bio Fresh

Bio Fresh is a powerful degreaser and cleaner designed specifically for cleaning floors. The powerful enzymes used in the formulation digest natural waste eradicating organic residues. The enzymes action increases performance by giving a deeper clean. Bio Fresh is fully biodegradable and has the added benefit of preventing the blockage of drains due to the continued action of the enzymes