The products not only dramatically reduce foul odours but they digest the source of the problem.

An extremely effective method of using micro-organisms and enzymes to digest and eliminate the causes of foul odours. These products can eradicate even the most soiled situations.



Bio GPC is one of the most effective biological general purpose cleaning products on the market for the eradication of odours and stains. Bio GPC does not just hide the problem but because Bio GPC digests the waste it removes the source of the problem. Bio GPC is a biological stain and odour remover, which is ideal for use on carpets, upholstery, fabrics, flooring and many other areas effected by dirt and foul smells. Helps keep nursing homes free of bad odours. Odours can be removed from sink outlets, baths, showers and kitchen waste units. Bio GPC is safe on most farics and surfaces but with it’s powerful micro-organisms produces a powerful cleaning action.


Bio Wash

Bio Wash is the ultimate solution for washrooms, staircases, public toilets, telephone kiosks, care buildings and other heavily soiled areas inside or out. While the majority of washroom cleaners can only affect the surface and mask the odours, Bio Wash contains a calcium carbonate remover that degrades uric crystals and scale in urinals and toilets. The micro-organisms also remove the natural waste, the main cause of bad odours, not only from the surface but right from the inside of the pores of concrete, grouting timber, lino flooring, etc.


Bio Fab

Designed for fabrics as a superior alternative to conventional caustic and astringent chemicals. Bio Fab is a delicate and sympathetic compound of micro-organisms with a light lemon fragrance. By digesting the organic waste from the fabric, Bio Fab ensures the cause of the lasting odours are removed.