Drain Maintenance Enzyme Products
Highly effective products to maintain drains and keep them free from grease and fat.

Biological drain maintenance enzyme products are an extremely effective and environmentally friendly way of digesting grease and fat, keeping drains clear from the build up of natural waste, eliminating the need to empty grease traps cutting costs and reducing foul odours.


Bio Waste

Bio Waste is a highly effective grease and fat digester. Automatically dispensed directly into the drainage system using a peristaltic pump. Bio Waste helps keep sinks, drains, pipes and grease traps clear of grease build-up which causes blockages and bad odours. Bio Waste is economical and virtually maintenance-free, with one container lasting months. Ideal for the use in restaurants, supermarkets, abattoirs and other food outlets.


Bio Powder

A versatile and highly  efficient dry biological powder containing micro-organisms and free enzymes designed to digest the grease and fat that builds up in catering and food processing  units. Bio Powder is ideal for all types of drains, sinks and pipes. Also suitable for the use in sewage systems, septic tanks and grease traps.


Bio Clear

Sinks and drains can block up with the build up of grease and fat. Bio Clear contains powerful enzymes that harmlessly digest the grease and fat leaving  it clear and odour free.